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CAS number: 50-00-0
PubChem: 712
EC number: 200-001-8
UN number: 2209
DrugBank: DB03843
KEGG: D00017
MeSH: Formaldehyde
ChEBI: 16842
RTECS number: LP8925000
ATC code: P53AX19
Beilstein: 1209228
Gmelin database: 445
ChemSpider: 692
Appearance: Colorless gas
Density: 0.8153 g / cm³ (1520 ° C)
Melting point: -92
Boiling point: -19
Solubility (in water):
400 g dm? 3
log P: 0.350
Acidity (pKa): 13.3
Basicity (pKb): 0.7
Other names: Metanal, Methylene oxide, Formalin,

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It is the first member of saturated aldehydes with a chemical formula CH2O.It is a non-chemical and is often used as an aqueous solution with an amount of methyl alcohol (usually 40%) (formalin). It is formed by bonding hydrogen to two empty bonds of carbonyl group. Formaldehyde is toxic, because it forms compounds that are water-insoluble in proteins.

Production and Reactions

It is commercially obtained by oxidation of methanol vapor with air oxygen or by appropriate oxidation of natural gases. When the water under low pressure is vaporized and removed, the paraformaldehyde occurs. This polymer is a white solid (x is about 30) with the formula HO (CH2O) xH. From pure formaldehyde, polymer products can be obtained, as well as synthetic resins and plastics with phenol and casein. It reacts with hydrochloric acid to form bis (chloromethyl) ether vapors, which is a cancer-causing substance. Polymerization of formaldehyde yields a white, water-insoluble product in the solid phase called polyoxymethylene. Formaldehyde is toxic, because it forms compounds that are water-insoluble in proteins. The reaction of formaldehyde with ammonia produces a kidney drug called urotropin.

Usage areas


It is used as protective liquid and sterilizing agent in medical laboratories. It is also used as an intermediate in chemical reactions. It is mainly used in resin manufacturing and as a chemical production intermediate.


It is used in the floor waxes in the production of chipboard and plywood, in the floor board (laminate) content, which is very common.


It is found in the chemicals used in household cleaning materials.


It is used as an additive in natural gas sector, marker, paper products, wall claddings, bathroom coating materials. It is also a chemical used in different sectors due to its strong disinfectant properties.

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