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CAS number: 7664-38-2, 16271-20-8 (hemihydrate)
PubChem: 1004
ChemSpider: 979
EC number: 231-633-2
UN number: 1805
KEGG: D05467
Chebi: 26078
RTECS number: TB6300000
Molecular formula: H3PO4
Molar mass: 97,995 g / mol
Appearance white solid or colorless viscous liquid (> 42 ° C)
Density: 1.885 g / mL (liquid) 1.685 g / ml (85% solution)
2.030 g / ml (25 C ° C)
Melting point: 42.35 ° C (anhydrous) 29.32 ° C (hemihydrate)
Boiling point: 158 ° C (decomposition)
Water solubility 5.48 g / mL
Acidity (pKa) 2.148, 7.198, 12.377
viscosity 2.4-9.4 cP (85% aq. Soln.) 147 cP (100%)

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General Information

It consists of phosphoric acid, phosphorus, oxygen, hydrogen atoms whose chemical formula is H3PO4. The pure form is a crystalline solid having a melting point of 42 [deg.] C., which becomes a colorless, syrupy liquid in lower concentration forms. There are two types used in food and industry.

Production and Reactions

From phosphoric acid, a tribasic acid, orthophosphate salts are formed by substitution of one, two or all of the hydrogen ions with other positive ions. The type of industry used is obtained by heating calcium phosphate rock fragments with sulfuric acid. Orthophosphate salts are formed by substitution of one, two or all of the hydrogen ions with other positive ions.

Usage areas

It is one of the most widely used acidity regulators in the food sector due to its intensive use in the cola beverage sector. It is also used as a medium for the control of bacterial growth in food products and yeast production.

It is widely used in the production of fly medicine in this sector.

Phosphoric acid is used in the construction of phosphated fertilizers.

It is used in dentistry and orthodontics to clean tooth surface.

It is used as a precipitating agent in the production of ph in jelly production, protection of the surface against rusting in the steel industry, production of phosphate salts, clarification of sugar extracts after liming.

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