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ÇİN / 25 KG


Standard Data

CAS number: 9000-71-9
EINECS number: 232-555-1
RTECS: FI3519500
Molecular formula: C47H48N3NaO7S2
Solubility: Gently in water
Merck: 14,1883

General Information

Casein, chemical formula C47H48N3NaO7S2 outside of the industrial dry, granular, non-sticky and high protein containing a protein. copper, metal, etc. with the container to give the smell of burns to the environment contained in the case contains the casein.

Production and Reactions

Pasteurized oil-free milk can be obtained by the addition of rennet enzyme and coagulation. Chemically, casein, clustering occurs at the isoelectric point and the isoelectric charge. At this time, the acidity of the medium increases the solubility of the minerals, so that most of the organic calcium and phosphorus in the micelle structure is soluble in the liquid phase. The casein micelles break down and the casein collapses with the formation of clusters. Under the action of a specific proteolytic enzyme, such as pepsin in the stomach and, in particular, rennin, a coagulation occurs if calcium is present.

Usage areas

It is used in animal foods, processed cheese and cream, daily nutrition products. The use of food in the food sector is becoming widespread thanks to the development of food structure and improving the flexibility of food.

This material used in button production is also used in high quality plastics for jewelry.

Due to its oil and water bonding properties, it can be used as a binder in paint production especially in water based paints.

It is used as a protein source in body building drugs.

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