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CAS number: 1308-38-9
PubChem: 517277
ChemSpider: 451305
UNII: X5Z09SU859
Chebi: 48242
RTECS number: GB6475000
Molecular formula: Cr2O3
Molar mass: 151.9904 g / mol
Appearance: dark light green, fine crystals
Density: 5.22 g / cm3
Melting point: 2435 ° C, 2708 K, 4415 ° C
Boiling point: 4000 ° C, 4273 K, 7232 ° F
Solubility in water: insoluble
Alcohol Solubility: insoluble in alcohol, acetone, acid

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General Information

The chemical formula of Cr2O3, also called Viridian, can be used in many industries.

Molecular Structure

Cr + 3 O-2 Cr2O3

Production and Reactions

Chromium (III) is reacted with aluminum or silicon to produce chromium metal.

Cr2O3 + 2Al ---> 2Cr + Al2O3

2Cr2O3 + 3Si ---> 4Cr + 3SiO2

With the addition of 1% at low temperatures, the shades of yellow lead are obtained in the acidic secrets. The increasing ratios of SiO2 cause a color change from brown to green on a chrome red glaze.

Usage areas

In this sector, it is used as an additive in printing ink for paper money.

In the paint industry, this chemical is used as a paint colorant. It is also used in painting industry on leather and building materials in ceramic industry.


This material, which is used in many sectors, is used as an aid in metal chromium melting.

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