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CAS Number: 7723-14-0
Appearance: powder
Color: Red-Brown
Vapor Density: 4.7 (air = 1)
Water Solubility: Negligible
Molecular Weight: 30.973762
Chemical Name: Red Phosphorus
Chemical Formula: P
Type: Metal
Related Hazard Name: Amorphous phosphorus
Features: Highly flammable. Not compatible with strong oxidizing agents. Light and heat sensitive.

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General Information

Chemical formula P is composed of phosphorous, white, black and red. There are 10 allotropes (separate form) collected in three main groups. It consists of white phosphorus with sun light and heat effect. Unlike white phosphorus, it is not easily ignited, does not glow and is not toxic. Melting temperature is much higher. Stable in the air. The structure of red phosphorus is very complex and has not been fully explained. Phosphorus atoms can be said to be in the form of infinite chains. White phosphorus P4 is called red phosphorus P8. It is less active than white phosphorus but it can give the same reaction products as white phosphorus.

Production and Reactions

It is obtained by reducing the phosphate rocks with SiO2 by coke in electric furnaces.
2Ca3 (PO4) 2 SiO2 10Ca ---> P4 6CaSiO4
During this reaction, the P4 molecules pass into the gas phase. Cooled with water and concentrated to white phosphorus
2Ca3 (PO4) 2 6SiO2 x 6CaSiO3 P4O10 ---> P4O10 10C à 10CO P
Reduced phosphorus can be produced by heating this obtained P4 chemical to 250-300 ° C for a long time.

Usage areas

Flammable material
Red phosphorus is used in the construction of sliding surfaces.

White phosphorus is used as an alternative to smoke bombs.

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