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  • 165 Kg Barrel
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CAS number: 67-56-1

Molecular weight 32.04 g mol? 1

Physical appearance Clear and liquid

Density 0.791

Flash point (closed cup) 12 C

Synonyms of Methanol, Karbinol

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Methyl alcohol is the simplest, aliphatic alcohol. The molecular formula is CH3OH. It is widely used in industry as solvent and can be found very easily. According to other alcohols, it is cheaper.

Pure methanol is a liquid liquid boiling at 1 atm at 64.6 degrees and is lit by a non-bright bluish flame. Soluble in all organic solvents. A very small amount of methanol is poison for living organisms. Permanent wounds cause disorders. 25 grams of methanol will cause blindness in humans.


Methanol was first obtained in 1661 by dry distillation of the wood (high heat in the airless medium). The distillation product contains 1.5-3% methanol, 10% acetic acid, 0.5% acetone and others. In industry, carbon monoxide and hydrogen are obtained from the reaction. If pure methanol is obtained by this method, n-propanol and isobutanol may be formed if the temperature rises by 30-40 degrees. A fraction of 99% of the aqueous solution is obtained by fractional distillation. Mg is used to obtain anhydrous (absolute) methanol:

2 CH3OH Mg? (CH3 O) 2Mg H2

(CH3O) 2Mg H2O? 2 CH3OH MgO

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