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CAS number: 78-93-3
PubChem: 6569
ChemSpider: 6321
KEGG: C02845
Chebi: 28398
RTECS number: EL6475000
Molecular formula: C4H8O
Molar mass: 72.11 g mol-1
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Density: 0,8050 g / cm3
Melting point: -86 ° C, 187 K, -123 ° C
Boiling point: 79.64 ° C, 353 K, 175 ° F
Solubility in water: 27.5 g / 100 mL
Refractive index (nD): 1,37880
Viscosity: 0.43 cP
Dipole moment: 2.76 D
Other names: 2-Butanone, MEK

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General Information

It is an active organic solvent with a chemical formula CH3C (O) CH2CH3. It is also referred to as Butanone. It is a liquid-free liquid that is insoluble and flammable. It can be explosive.

Production and Reactions
Methyl ethyl ketone can be produced both internally and externally. Methyl ethyl ketone can be produced outdoors by some air pollutants such as butane and other hydrocarbons, and photo oxidation. Methyl ethyl ketone and methylene ketone peroxide with hydrogen peroxide can be obtained. Methyl ethyl ketone polymerizes when it is passed over the basic aluminum oxide used for chromatography, where it can form a polymeric substance in the C32He () H6 by the loss of water from the molecule.

Usage areas


Methyl Ethyl Ketone provides fast drying time in paint applications due to its high evaporation rate. It is also used in printing inks, varnishes and other various paint formulations due to its good solvent properties in methyl ethyl ketone synthetic and natural resin.

It is used in organic synthesis in chemical industry.

It is used in cleaning fluids in this sector.

It is used as solvent in nitrocellulose coatings and vinyl films.

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