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CAS number: 107-21-1, 104700-12-1 (13C2), 59609-67-5 (14C2), 2219-52-5 (2H), (2H)
PubChem: 174, 21334931 (1-2H1), 16213434 (13C2), 134.462 (14C2), 10986148 (2H), (2H)
ChemSpider: 13835235, 13835235 (13C2), 118.525 (14C2)
EC Number: 203-473-3
DrugBank: DB01867
KEGG: C01380
MeSH: Ethylene glycol
Chebi: 30742
RTECS number: KW2975000
Beilstein Reference: 505945
Gmelin Reference: 943
Molecular formula: C2H6O2
Molar mass: 62.07 g mol-1
Density: 1,1132 g / cm ³
Melting point: -12.9 ° C, 260 K, 9 ° C
Boiling point: 197.3 ° C, 470 K, 387 ° F
Water solubility: Can be mixed with water in every ratio.
Viscosity: 1.61 × 10-2 N * s / m2
Flash point: 111 ° C (231.8 ° F) (closed container)
Auto-ignition temperature: 410 ° C (770 ° F)
Other names: MEG, 1-2 Etandiol, Ethylene alcohol

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General Information

The chemical formula C2H6O2 is a clean colorless viscous liquid which is soluble in water, acetone and alcohol.It improves the usage area of ??this substance due to its low point and high boiling point. In the case of importation against the Arabian countries, this problem has been eliminated.

Production and Reactions

MEG; 1, 2 can be obtained from dihalogen alkanes by hydrolysis with aqueous potassium hydroxide (China) - (Spain) or alcohol metal carbonate. After the interaction of ethylene with chlorinated water, ethylene chlorohydrin can be obtained by hydrolysis with an aqueous solution of sodium bicarbonate. It can be obtained by treatment of ethylene oxide with cold, dilute hydrochloric acid.

Usage areas

Emulsion paints, aqueous systems are used as anti-freeze. Easy to use, easy to use as a solvent for dyestuffs, alkyd resins and other various resins as a solvent is used to develop this product.

Mono ethylene glycol is used as a heat-transfer agent in this sector.

In the chemical industry, nono ethylene glycol is a polyol used as a solvent and antifreeze. Recently, antifreeze has been used instead of glycerin.

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