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CAS number: 7778-80-5
RTECS: TT5900000
Chemical Formula: K2SO4
Melting Point: 1069 ° C
Boiling Point: 1689 ° C
Appearance: Crystal structure (Orthorhombic)
Solubility: 111 g / L (20 ° C) -120 g / L (25 ° C) -240 g / L (100 ° C)
Density: 2.66 g / cm3

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General Information

Potassium sulfate with chemical formula K2SO4; It is a water-insoluble white crystalline potassium salt. It contains 50-53% potassium (K2O) and average sulfur content of 16-20%. It also carries sulfur, which is the necessary nutrient for the plants. Sulfur deficiency is used as a source of potassium and sulfur in cases. It is not to be confused with calcium compounds.Potassium sulphate is composed of acid salt and alkaline salt after 17th century and it has survived until today.

Organic Structure


Production and Reactions

According to the Leblanc method, potassium chloride can be obtained from the sulfuric acid reaction.

2 KCl H2SO4? 2 HCl K2SO4

According to the Hargreaves method, sulfur dioxide, oxygen, water and potassium chloride are used as the starting material. SO2 can be obtained by evaporation of sulfuric acid and combustion of sulfur.

Potassium sulphate was obtained from alunite with high yield and production started to become widespread.

Usage areas


The main use of potassium sulfate is fertilizer. This product, which can be applied to all plant varieties, can be harmful in some plants when used with calcium.


Potassium sulfate salt is used in the production of glass.

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