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PVA 17/88- CHINA

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CAS number: 9002-89-5
KEGG: C00980
CHEMBL: 76101
RTECS number: TR8100000
Molecular formula: [CH2CH (OH)] n
Density: 1,19-1,31 g / cm ³
Melting point: 200 ° C
Boiling point: 228 ° C
Solubility in water: 58.5 g / 100 mL (100 ° C)

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General Information

It is a polyvinyl alcohol with a chemical formula [CH2CH (OH)] n and a water-soluble polymer. It is prepared by hydrolysis of a polyvinyl ester (polyvinyl acetate). Works are carried out to obtain PVA for use in fuel cells with electrolyte membranes. also increases.

Production and Reactions
They can be obtained by reaction of polyvinyl acetate with water in suitable conditions. It produces hydrogel nanocomposites with certain amounts of montmorrylates. Nanofiber production can be carried out in electromagnetic environment with a mixture of PVA and sodium alginate.

Usage areas

It is used as blanket glue in paint printing factories in this sector (12-20%).

They are used as lubricating agents which provide resistance to oils and machine oils on paper.

It is used as a component of adhesives, emulsifiers, suspending and thickening agents.

In the pharmaceutical industry, polyvinyl alcohol is used as an opthalmic lubricant and as a viscosity increasing agent.

Vinyl is used as synthetic fiber, film, acetal resin, adhesive, stabilizer and binder.

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