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CAS number: 149-44-0, [6035-47-8], dihydrate
PubChem: 8999
ChemSpider: 8649
RTECS number: PB0380000
Molecular formula: CH3NaO3S
Molar mass: 118.10 g / mol 154.14 g / mol, dihydrate
Appearance: colorless crystals
Density: 1.75 g / cm3, dihydrate
Melting point: 64.5 ° C, dihydrate
Solubility in water: 600 g / L, dihydrate (approx.)
Acidity (pKa): Decay. low pH
Structure: Molecular shape

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General Information

This chemical called sodium hydroxymethanesulfinate with chemical formula CH3NaO3S is a colorless crystalline state. The trade name registered by BASF is Rongalit. Generally it is water soluble and dihydrate.

Production and Reactions
Interaction with caustic soda can produce white printing paste. Suitable conditions and additives can be prepared by sodium dithionite and formaldehyde.

Na2S2O4 + 2 CH2O + H2O? NaHOCH2SO3 + NaHOCH2SO2

It can be used as reducing agent thanks to the elements it contains.

NaHOCH2SO2 + 2 C6H5CH2Br? [C6H5CH2] 2SO2 + NaBr + CH2O + HBr

Usage areas

In the weaving and knitting sector, it is mainly used as cellulosic printing and industrial bleach.

It is used as an auxiliary component in boat painting materials.

In the chemical industry, the redox initiator is also used as an oxidant in pharmaceutical reactions.

With the mixture formed by reacting with ammonia in appropriate conditions, water treatment is used especially in aquarium cleaning.

The interaction with formaldehyde is preferably used in hair dye removal processes.

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