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CAS number: 63231-67-4,
Molecular formula: SiO2 + H2O + CoCl2
Molar mass: 60.08 g / mol
Appearance: Transparent beads
Odor: Odorless
EC Number: 231-545-4
Hazard Definition: Xn Harmful
Melting point / Melting range: 1610-1728 ° C (2930-3142 ° F)
Boiling point / Boiling range: 2230 ° C (4046 ° F)
Density 20 ° C (68 ° F): 2.17-2.66 g / cm ³
Solubility in water: Insoluble

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General Information

Silicagel mixture with SiO2 + H2O + CoCl2 chemical formula contains over 95% SiO2 content. It can hold up to 35% of its weight. In World War I, gas masks were used to collect steam and gas in the boxes. II. In World War II, it was used to keep penicillin dry. This substance is not toxic and is an inert material such as other silicagel. It contains trace amounts of cobalt II chlorate.

Molecular Structure

O Si O


Cl Co Cl

Production and Reactions

Blue silicagel is produced from sodium meta silicate under suitable conditions. In the first stage, white silicagel can be obtained by washing and quenching the ammonium tetracene cobalt and by interacting with COCl2.

Usage areas

Blue silicagels (with indicator) are used especially in transformers, oil tanks and chemical tanks.

It is frequently preferred to protect sensitive and valuable objects from moisture.


It is used in gas drying in closed circuits.

It is used for disinfecting the environment and content in the pharmaceutical industry and the encapsulated drugs.

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