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CAS No 7772-98-7

Chemical Name Sodium Thiosulfate

Formula Na2S2O3

Density  1.667 g / cm3

Boiling point 100 ° C

Melting point 48.3 ° C

Molar Mass 158.11 g / mol

Purity 99.5 - 101.0%

pH (20% aqueous solution) 6.5 - 9.5

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Solubility in Water 41.2% at 20 ° C


General Information

Its most important feature is that it prevents cyanide poisoning. It is well soluble in water. In the industrial field, sodium thiosulfate is produced mainly from liquid waste products of sodium sulfur or sulfur dye manufacturing. In the laboratory, this salt can be prepared by heating an aqueous sodium sulfite solution with sulfur or boiling aqueous sodium hydroxide and sulfur according to this equation:

6 NaOH 4 S → 2 Na2S Na2S2O3 3 H2O

Usage areas: It is used as chlorine remover in photography, film baths, leather industry, leather tanning, textile and paper industry and waste treatment. It is used as mordant in fiber dyeing, in the process of extracting silver from ore. Chemical processes in industrial areas such as fermentation process, cosmetic industry, wool bleaching are also used.

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