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CAS number: 532-32-1
PubChem: 517055
ChemSpider: 10305
RTECS number: DH6650000
Molecular formula: NaC6H5CO2
Molar mass: 144,11 g / mol
Appearance: White or colorless crystalline powder
Odor: odorless
Density: 1.497 g / cm3
Melting point: 300 ° C, 573 K, 572 ° F
Solubility in water: 62.9 g / 100ml
Solubility: 1.33g / 100ml ethanol

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General Information
sodium benzoate morphologically which nac6h5co2 chemical formula as a white granular and can be derived from the nature of a chemical tuzdur.doğru present as powders but derivatives of benzoic acid production in sağlanabilmektedir.su resolution of almost no least the alcohol dissolution than water iyidir.dünya in many countries This substance is the first antimicrobial agent that is allowed to be used in the food industry by FDA and is a very harmful substance in direct use.

Production and Reactions
Benzoic acid, sodium bicarbonate, resulting from the neutralization with sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide, sodium benzoate potassium is consumed along with the benzoate may form benzene commercially around 200 ° C in the liquid phase can be obtained as a result of toluoyl reaction with oxygen. Cobalt and manganese salts may be preferred as catalysts. They can be obtained by oxidation of the benzene in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid or with CO2 in the presence of catalysts.

Usage areas

It is used in some of the metabolic diseases in the neonatal period to increase the excretion of ammonia accumulated in the body by intravenous administration.

Most soda and low levels is used in combination with antagonists kullanılabilmektedir.ayrı by admixture with potassium benzoate, potassium sorbate to prevent the formation and the taste is not kullanılmaktadır.isten in acidic beverages.

It is used in fungal and bacterial drugs.

on microorganisms, cell wall and the mold to inactivate certain enzymes on cells, fungi and bacteria are not inhibited sağlamaktadır.uyg used as the intermediate in the pH range of anti-corrosion and paint industries.

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