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CAS number: 10588-01-9, 7789-12-0 (dihydrate)
PubChem: 25408
ChemSpider: 23723
EC Number: 234-190-3
UN number: 3288
Chebi: 39483
RTECS number: HX7750000 HX7750000 (dihydrate)
Molecular formula: Na2Cr2O7
Molar mass: 261,97 g / mol (anhydrous) 298,00 g / mol (dihydrate)
Appearance: Bright red
Odor: odorless
Density: 2.52 g / cm3
Melting point: dehydrate at 100 ° C at 356.7 ° C
Boiling point: decomposes at 400 ° C
Solubility in water: 73 g / 100 mL at 25 ° C

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General Information
Sodium bichromate with chemical formula Na2Cr2O7 is a toxic chemical which can be found as odorless, orange-red colored, crystalline granular. Water solubility is quite high. Generally, it is treated as a dehydrate Na2Cr2O7 · 2H2O. This chemical, which contains the general properties of chromates, can be used as intermediates or additives in many sectors, although not directly, and is preferred as a rust remover especially in metal industry.

Production and Reactions
Sodium bicarbonate can be produced on a large scale from chromium ores containing chromium (III) oxides. In the presence of ore air, at about 1000 ° C, typically a base is combined with sodium carbonate

2 Cr2O3 4 4 CO2 Na2CO3 3 O2? 4 Na2CrO4

In step 2, it is isolated by crystallization with dihydrate and acidification of the aqueous extract obtained by sulfuric acid or carbon dioxide with appropriate conditions and intermediates can yield sodium bichromate. It can decompose to high temperature compounds.

4Na2Cr2O7 -> 4Na2CrO4 3O2 2Cr2O3

Usage areas

It is used in this sector by taking advantage of its anti-rust properties.

It is used as neutralizing agent in textile sector. Also it can be used as color stabilizing intermediate in fabric dye.

When combined with oxygen and other metallic elements, it can form various inorganic pigments such as lead and potassium.

The laundry can be used for souring agent.

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