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CAS number: 7758-19-2, 49658-21-1 (trihydrate)
PubChem: 23668197
ChemSpider: 22860
UN number: 1496
KEGG: C19523
RTECS number: VZ4800000
ATC code: D03AX11
Molecular formula: NaClO2
Molar mass: 90,442 g / mol (anhydrous) 144,487 g / mol (trihydrate)
Appearance: White solid
Density: 2.5 g / cm3, solid
Melting point: 180-200 ° C (anhydrous, decomp) 38 ° C (trihydrate, decomp)
Solubility in water: 39 g / 100 ml (17 ° C)
Solubility: very little soluble in methanol

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General Information

Chemical formula NaClO2 sodium chlorite non-flammable, stable chemical structure bileşiktir.sody chloride ,. Sodium chloride causes irritation and burns to the eyes and skin. Harmful if swallowed, pH is up to 4.5. Easily oxidisable or combustible materials must be kept away from 100? Should not be stored on C s. remarkable in the 1960s was noticed fiber sodium chloride can be used without causing degradation and remained until the present day.

Production and Reactions

Sodium chlorate is reduced to chlorine dioxide with suitable reducing agents in acidic solution. Chlorine dioxide is then reduced with hydrogen peroxide in the alkali solution to form sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is the most suitable compound to produce chlorine dioxide.

Usage areas

Sodium chloride human body and especially the liver when diluted with distilled water and citric acid may be employed for removal of heavy metals.

kullanılmaktadır.ayrı by this sector, and in removing the bleaching of cellulosic fibers, acrylic, polyamide, are used as oxidizing agents in the bleaching of acetate and cotton fibers.

In the conditioning of city mains water, chlorine is used instead of disinfection.

It is used in bleaching of paper pulp.

It is used in oxidation of aldehydes to carboxylic acid in chemical industry.

It is used as the component known as kullanıl purite kullanıl in cleaner solutions of contact lenses.

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