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CAS number: 7631-99-4
PubChem: 24268
ChemSpider: 22688
UN number: 1498
RTECS number: WC5600000
Molecular formula: NaNO3
Molar mass: 84,9947 g / mol
Appearance: White powder or colorless crystals
Odor: sweet
Density: 2.257 g / cm3, solid
Melting point: 308 ° C
Boiling point: 380 ° C Decay.
Solubility in water: 73 g / 100 ml (0 ° C) 91.2 g / 100 mL (25 ° C) 180 g / 100 mL (100 ° C)
Solubility: ammonia very soluble; soluble in alcohol
Refractive index (nD): 1.587 (triangle) 1.336 (rhomobohedral)
Structure: Crystal structure
Other names: Chile saltpeter

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General Information

Sodium nitrate is a chemical compound with NaNO3 formula which is air-dehumidified. Sodium nitrate has a long shelf-life as it contains an anti-caking agent. Potassium nitrate is highly soluble in water. Sodium nitrate (NaNO3) is also known as Chilean saltpeter. All of the sodium nitrate used as fertilizer was produced from natural sodium nitrate deposits in Chile until 1929. This is the name of the Chilean saltpiper. Today, significant sodium nitrate is produced from natural deposits in Chile.

Production and Reactions

Sodium nitrate is a naturally occurring mineral. There are plenty of green leafy vegetables in nature. With heating, oxygen and nitrite may first decompose into nitrogen, oxygen and sodium oxide. Nitric acid can be produced when sodium nitrate is combined with sulfuric acid under suitable conditions.

Usage areas

The agricultural sector has a wide range of use, mainly as fertilizer or as an aid to fertilizer production.

It is used for making gunpowder, fireworks, and other explosives.

It is used in metal cleaning in steel sector, as accelerator in phosphating and in pickling up aluminum.

In the food sector, E251 number is used to protect meat color and to prevent food poisoning.

It is used for the production of nitrile and nitrate in this sector.

As a phase change in many sectors, it is used to increase the quality of the glass industry.

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