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CAS number: 7757-82-6
EINECS number: 231-820-9
Water solubility: 47.6 (at 0 OC) - 427 (at 100 OC)
Appearance: White color crystalline powder
Density: 1.3 - 1.5 gr / cm³
Humidity: 0.2% max.
Other names: Tenardite (anhydrous), Mirabilit, Sal mirabilis, Glauber's salt, Salt cake

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General Information

Na2SO4 is a white, water-soluble, water soluble, sodium salt, which is not decomposed and does not decompose with oxidizing or reducing agents at normal temperature and at normal temperature. Sodium salt of sulfuric acid. Sulfate contains no toxic mineral, such as arsenic, lead, zinc, chromium, which is present in chemical methods produced by sulphate. It is preferably more suitable. It is a large commodity chemical product with annual production of 6 million tons. In nature Sodium Sulphate is composed of many minerals, but the most important minerals in terms of economic and operability are Mirabillite, Tenardite, Globerite, Glaresite and Blödit.

Production and Reactions

It is obtained as a by-product (Synthetic) from the salty and bitter waters lakes, the mineral deposits in the solid state and the chemical processes. Tenardite Decahydrate (Na2SO4 · 10H2O) is in its natural form, known as mirabilite mineral.

Na2SO4.10H2O + Heat (32.4 [deg.] C)? Na2SO4 (Industrial use)
It is a by-product of HCl production from sodium chloride by sulfuric acid treatment. It can be reduced to sodium sulfide at high temperature.

Sodium sulphate can be obtained by reaction with appropriate conditions such as potassium sulfate, aluminum sulfate, sodium silicate, sodium sulfide.

Usage areas

According to the process to be applied in this sector and the ideal filler according to the product to be produced, the detergents utilize the properties such as very pure and white. It is present as a filler in the formulations of sodium sulfate, powder granules and solid detergents.

It is used in the glass industry to form the glass dough and to remove air bubbles from the molten glass.

It is used for the homogeneous distribution of the dyes used in textile sector in the interaction with the fabric.

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