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CAS number: 1633/05/02
PubChem: 15407
ChemSpider: 14666
EC Number: 216-643-7
RTECS number: WK8305000
Molecular formula: SrCO3
Molar mass: 147,63 g / mol
Appearance: White or gray powder
Odor: Odorless
Density: 3.74 g / cm3
Melting point: 1494 ° C (decomposition)
Solubility in water: 0.0011 g / 100 mL (18 º C), 0.065 g / 100 mL (100 ° C)
Refractive index (nD): 1.518
Structure: Crystal structure
Flash point: Flammable

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General Information

Its chemical formula is Srco3, strontium carbonate is a white or grayish chemical. In general, this material is found in our country with its reserves, especially in tv tubes. used as a benefit.

Production and Reactions

Strontium metal is produced under vacuum in electric arc furnaces as a result of metalothermic reduction of strontium oxide with metallic aluminum.
In the reduction process, finely ground celestite and carbon are reduced to water-soluble sulfur in rotary kilns (1100-1200 ° C). It is dissolved in hot water and insoluble substances are filtered off. It is converted to strontium carbonate with sodium carbonate or carbon dioxide. The strontium carbonate separated from the main water is washed and dried.

SrSO4 + 2C ---> SrS + 2CO2
SrS + CO2 + H2O ---> SrCO3 + H2S

SrS + Na2CO3 ---> SrCO3 + Na2S
It can be obtained according to double decay method.

SrSO4 + Na2CO3 ---> SrCO3 + Na2SO4

SrSO4 + (NH4) 2CO3 ---> SrCO3 + (NH4) 2SO4
Because of the recovery of NH3 and CO2, this method is preferred because of the different products.

Usage areas

It is widely used in the production of glass of tv tubes.

Ferrite is used as a seperator in iron ores.

It can be used in this sector since it can create a red color with flame.

It is used as lubricant in the shaft bearings of machines used in many sectors.

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