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CAS number 7664-93-9

ChemSpider 1086


EC Number 231-639-5

UN number 1830

KEGG D05963

Chebi 26836

RTECS number WS5600000

Molecular formula H2SO4

Molar mass 98,079 g / mol

Appearance Clear, colorless, odorless liquid

Density 1.84 g / cm3, liquid

Melting point 10 ° C, 283 K, 50 ° F

Boiling point 337 ° C, 610 K, 639 ° F (when sulfuric acid is above 300 ° C, slowly decomposes.

Water solubility miscible

Acidity (pKa) -3, 1.99

Viscosity 26.7 cP (20 ° C)

EU Index 016-020-00-8

EU classification C N T

R-phrases R35

S-phrases (S1 / 2) S26 S30 S45

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Other names Vitriol oil, Hydrogen sulfate, Sulfate acid

General Information

Its chemical formula is H2SO4 and it is a strong mineral acid with high density and density. It is realized by Cabir Bin Hayyan in 8th century. It is produced with concentrated form. Concentrated sulfuric acid contains% 96-98% H2SO4 by mass. One of its characteristics is that it is a substance close to water. Concentrated sulfuric acid draws water from many organic substances and forms a reaction exothermic. This electrically conductive substance that causes very high heat when it is dissolved in water is known as "battery acid".

Production and Reactions

Sulfuric acid is produced in the industry by the method of touching or by the method of lead chambers. The industrial method used in the production of sulfuric acid is called an touching inde. In the first step, sulfur dioxide is formed by the combustion of sulfur and sulphides.

S8 (g) + 8 O2 (g)? 8 SO2 (g) (? H ° = -2374 kJ / mol)

2 H 2 S (g) + 3 O 2 (g)? 2 SO 2 (g) + 2 H 2 O (g) (? H 0 = -1037 kJ / mol)

Sulfur dioxide reacts with more oxygen to form sulfur trioxide, but this reaction occurs more slowly. In the contacting process, the mixture of sulfur dioxide and oxygen passes through contact with the surface of the platinum metal or vanadium oxide catalysts.

2 SO2 (g) + O2 (g)? 2 SO 3 (g) (? H ° = -226 kJ / mol)

Direct dissolution of sulfuric acid forms sulfuric acid moisture. The resulting moisture is mixed with water to give concentrated sulfuric acid. Commercial acid is concentrated to distillation (98.3%). Pure sulfuric acid is obtained by fractional crystallization. Concentrated sulfuric acid may react in the heat to give SO2 with most metals.
2Ag + 2H2SO4 SO Ag2SO 4 + SO2 + 2H2O

Gold is the most difficult to react to. Concentrated sulfuric acid disrupts the salts of other low-boiling acids.

H2SO 4 + NaCl ›HCl + NaHSO4

Usage areas


Many reactions of sulfuric acid occur exothermically. Since the amount of heat exiting is quite high, this temperature is utilized in many sectors.

This chemical is indispensable in the chemical industry. Many acids are produced by hydrochloric acid.

It is used in the production of dyestuffs.

It acts as the raw material or additive of many drugs.

It is used in the production of glucose through the sweetening of starch and alcohol.

It is used for cleaning metal surfaces.

It can be used in many branches such as fertilizer, explosive material, inorganic salt, oil treatment, metallurgical processes, polishing, animal waste disposal, parchment paper production.

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