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CAS number: 13775-53-6
PubChem: 159692
ChemSpider: 11431435
Chebi: 39289
Molecular formula: Na3AlF6
Molar mass: 209,94 g / mol
Appearance: White powder
Density: 2.9 g / cm³, solid
Melting point: 1000 ° C
Solubility in water: insoluble

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General Information

Alumium sodium fluoride which is the chemical formula of Na3AlF6, which is known as the most natural state of yellow color. After the process is going to become a white powder structure.Aliminium mixture because of the solvent class. is used in many sectors based on the feature.

Production and Reactions

It is in the form of yellowish rock in nature. It can be obtained from a mixture of aluminum trifluoride. It is said to be synthetically obtainable by hydrofluoric acid, sodium carbonate and aluminum compounds.

Usage areas

It is used as a solvent for synthetic aluminum for electrolysis as bauxite in the industry. It is also used as an electrolyte to obtain metal aluminum from alumina.

It is used as a bleach for an opacifier for enamel and glass in the glass industry.

It is used in insecticide production in small amounts.

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