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CAS No: 7320-34-5
EINECS No: 230-785-7
Composition: Potassium Pyrophosphate; Potassium diphosphate; TKPP
Physical state and appearance: White granule powder
Odor: Odorless
Molecular Weight: 330,35 g / mol.
pH (1% soln / water): 10.0-10.7
Boiling point: 1500 oC
Melting Point: 1090 oC
Formula: K407P2
Resolution: 187g / 100ml Water (25 oC)
Other names: TKPP, Tetrakal, Potassium pyrophosphate

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General Information

Chemical formula K407P2, which is white to gray in color and granular in powder form. The aqueous solution is alkaline and easily soluble in water. The pH of a 1% solution varies between 9.5 and 11.5.

Production and Reactions

Tkpp is a potassium salt obtained from its carbonate and phosphates.

Usage areas

It is the main raw material of this sector and it is used frequently in our daily life.

In this sector, it is engaged in coating with current without cyanate.

It is used as a distributor in paint sector.

It is used as nutritional additive in the food sector with the number E 450.

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