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CAS number


EC code


HS code


Molecular Formula


Molar Weight

60.08 g / mol

Chemical structure

Silicon dioxide amorphous, Mesoporous silica gel.

Other names

Silicon dioxide, silicon dioxide, colloidal anhydrous silica

Standard Product Specification

Stack moisture

50 g / L


> 99,9


<50 ppm


<20 ppm


<20 ppm



% Ph


More details

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AEROSIL 200 Incomplete General Information

The aerosil substance of the chemical formula SiO2 was first produced in 1942 at the Degussa Plant in Germany with the company of chemicals. AEROSIL name for this raw material. Raw material, glass, sand, quartz is a sio2'dir.amorf containing the substance having a structure of this article 200 m2 / g with a specific crystal surface is hydrophilic fumed silicon dioxide fine powder state. Different usage and purity values, results in use as a filter aid is possible. Aerosil is very weak. C.C. The conductivity of Tien is considered theoretically zero. It has the feature of moisture absorption up to 120-125%. Aerosil-380 (380 m2 / g) type is also preferred according to usage areas.

Production and reactions

Aerosil is obtained by hydrolyzing silicon tetrachloride (SiO4) in the flame of O2 and H2 gases at a temperature of about 1000 oC. Obtained, SiO2 snowflake shape. On the outside, it looks like a falling snow.

Usage areas

Humidity Control

Silicon dioxide and sodium, calcium and magnesium salts (sodium silicate, calcium silicate and magnesium silicate) is found applications. Moisture control in storage areas Needed to be kept between the values ??required to be kept between pure values ??Silicon dioxide can be used, as well as the advantage of cost advantage in terms of the silicon dioxide structure, the basic raw material input silicagel can be preferred. Silicon dioxide or silicagel is used in the storage we have done.


In the food sector, preference is given to increase the clarity of silicon dioxide and carbonated soft drinks with the code E 551. Aluminum silicate (Bentonite) 80 from silicon dioxide derivatives can be used as a clarifying agent in apple processing to be with flower gelatin.


Aerosol 200 is used in the pharmaceutical industry with the drug tablet. Your role as an adjunct to antibiotic bacterial cleansing and anti-inflammatory drugs.


Sektörlan industry sector to sector part part part part part part part part part part part part part part part part part part part part of a batch partineineineineineineineineineineineineineineineineineineineineineineine. Generally, the suitable type of dioxide is large or large in size on a single or a two component scale.

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