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CAS number: 6419-19-8
PubChem: 16698
ChemSpider: 15833
EC number: 229-146-5
Molecular formula: C3H12NO9P3
Molar weight: 299.05 g / mol
Appearance: White solid
Resolution: 61 g / 100 mL (in water)

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General Information

Amine trimethylene phosphoric acid (ATMP) whose chemical formula is C3 H12 N O9 P3; It is a water soluble, crystalline powder with excellent chelation property, low threshold inhibition and lattice degradation ability. Amino Trimetylene can also be called phosphonic acid.
ATMP is a stable material that can hydrolyze in hard water system. At high concentrations, ATMP has good corrosion inhibition. . There are significant differences in the stability and efficacy of the phosphonic acid group that can be considered for cooling water conditioning. Due to their susceptibility to iron, phosphonates prevent iron oxide precipitation even at very low concentrations.

Molecular Structure

                               N CH2 PO (OH2)

Production and Reactions

The fact that phosphonic acid and phosphonates are chemically and thermally more stable than polyphosphates makes them a better hardness stabilizer and polyphosphates are better corrosion inhibitors. The corrosion inhibition of iron-based materials with phosphonate can only be achieved by increasing the amount of phosphonate required to stabilize the hardness by about 10-fold. HEDP has significantly better corrosion inhibitor properties than PBTC, ATMP or DTPMP. A disadvantage of HEDP is that calcium resistance, corrosion inhibition at high calcium hardness, and the addition of specific carboxylates to prevent Ca-HEDP precipitation and high concentrations of HEDP.

Usage areas


ATMP is used in the industrial circulated cold water system and oil field water pipeline in the fields of thermal power plant and oil refinery plant as well as being a metal surface treatment agent.


ATMP can be used as a chelating agent in the weaving and dyeing industry. It also plays a role in this sector as an auxiliary agent in bleaching products with sodium chloride.

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