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CAS number: 7646-85-7
PubChem: 3007855
ChemSpider: 5525
UNII: 86Q357L16B
EC Number: 231-592-0
UN number: 2331
Chebi: 49976
RTECS number: ZH1400000
ATC code: B05XA12
Molecular formula: ZnCl2
Molar mass: 136,315 g / mol
Appearance: white crystalline solid hygroscopic
Odor: odorless
Density: 2.907 g / cm3
Melting point: 292 ° C, 565 K, 558 ° F
Boiling point: 756 ° C, 1029 K, 1393 ° F
Solubility in water: 4320 g / L (25 ° C)
Soluble in ethanol, glycerol and acetone
Alcohol Resolution: 4300 g / L

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General Information

Its chemical formula is ZnCl2 and is a bluish light gray, brittle white crystalline metal. It is hard and brittle in spilled form. Easily soluble in water. Low boiling temperature makes use of this substance widespread. This value is a very determining factor especially in the production of metallurgical metal. In the world, iron, aluminum and copper are used after a year. It has a zinc source of 48% zinc and is used as a local blood breaker.

Molecular Structure
Cl - Zn - Cl

Production and Reactions

They can be produced in such a way that hydrogen can be released as a result of the reaction of solid zinc with hydrochloric acid.

Zn (k) 2HCl ZnCl2 H2

Usage areas


It is found in the composition of some ointments which can be sold without a prescription.


It prevents the skin from losing water when applied as a thin layer. It can prevent the redness and irritation that will occur in the skin by using a small amount of the diaper attached areas of the baby.

Used as activator in tire industry.

In this sector, it is used as mordant in textile dyeing.

Water is used in chemical syntheses.

It is used as an auxiliary component in the construction of battery bodies.

As a deodorizing and disinfectant; alone or in the protection of railway sleepers with phenol and other antiseptics; as a solvent for soldering work with ammonium chloride; parchment paper, artificial silk, vulcanization of rubber, galvanizing processes, mercerized cotton production in oil purification.

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