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CAS number 7783-28-0

ChemSpider 22946

PubChem 24540

UNII the 10LGE70FS

Molecular formula (NH4) 2HPO4

Molar mass 132.09 g / mol

View White powder

Density 1.619 g / cm3

Melting point 155 ° C Decay

Water solubility 57.5 g / 100 ml (10 ° C) 106.7 g / 100 ml (100 ° C)

Resolution Alcohol, acetone and liquid are insoluble in ammonia.

Content 98% min. P2O5 53% min. N 20.8% min.

Ph (1% solution) 7.7 - 8.3

Insoluble in water 0.1% max.

Moisture % 0.2 max.

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General Information

DAP (Diammonium Phosphate) fertilizer with a chemical formula (NH4) of 2HPO4 is a fertilizer with two nutrients. Contains 18% Nitrogen (N) 18% Ammonium Nitrogen 46% The color of diammonium phosphate (DAP) manure with phosphorus (P2O5) varies according to the acid used in the production. It is usually black, dark gray or dirty white. It is compatible with alkali chemicals due to the conversion of ammonium ions into ammonia when Ph is high.

Production and Reactions

It can be produced in the granulation phase by reaction of ammonia with phosphoric acid.

NH3 (liquid) H3PO4 ® NH4H2PO4 X1

(mono ammonium phosphate MAP)

NH3 (liquid) NH4H2PO4 (NH4) 2HPO4 X2

(di ammonium phosphate DAP)

2NH3 (liquid) H2SO4 ® (NH4) 2SO4 X3

Usage areas


DAP fertilizer is a fertilizer suitable for cereals and it is intensely preferred in Central Anatolia. It is indispensable in wheat production.

It increases the fermentation power of yeast in hot water, and plays a role in wine and beer production.

Diammonium phosphate is also used as a fire retardant.

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