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CAS number: 111-46-6
PubChem: 8117
ChemSpider: 13835180
UNII: 61BR964293
KEGG: C14689
Chebi: 46807
Molecular formula: C4H10O3
Molar mass: 106,12 g / mol
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Density: 1.118 g / mL
Melting point: -10,45 ° C
Boiling point: 244-245 ° C
Solubility in water: miscible
Other names: Ethylene diglycol, Dihydroxy diethyl ether, DEA

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General Information

Open formula (HOCH2CH2) of the chemical formula C4H10O3 is a straight-chain dihydric alcohol aliphatic compound terminated with a hydroxyl group at two ends in the form of 2O. is a liquid.

Production and Reactions

The first phase is made by reacting ethylene with pure oxygen in the presence of a silver containing catalyst and then by converting ethylene oxide to ethylene oxide.

Usage areas

It is used in the production of polyurethanes, polyester resins in this sector.

It is also used as a solvent in printing in textile sector and as an auxiliary agent in the content of textile dyes.

It is used as a selective solvent for aromatics in petroleum refining.

It is common in the tobacco industry to be used as a moisture scavenger.

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