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CAS number: 554-13-2
PubChem: 11125
ChemSpider: 10654
KEGG: D00801
Chebi: 6504
RTECS number: OJ5800000
Molecular formula: Li2CO3
Molar mass: 73,891 g / mol
Appearance: Odorless white powder
Density: 2.11 g / cm3
Melting point: 723 ° C, 996, K, 1333 ° C
Boiling point: 1310 ° C, 1583 K, 2390 ° C (decomposition)
Solubility: insoluble in acetone, ammonia and ethanol
Refractive index (nD): 1.428

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General Information

The chemical formula is Li2CO3 which has a white powder form which is odorless. Lithium carbonate is the main ingredient in products using lithium. Mineral spraying in Chile and Argentina and lithium chloride in the lakes are obtained from substances such as lithium carbonate consumption increased by 2 times and demand is increased. R & D studies related to this substance are increased and nowadays, the use of hybrite Experts who believe that the charge time problem can be solved by R & D studies in the smart mobile phones used today, are trying to benefit from this product in developing different products.

Production and Reactions
Lithium carbonate is naturally present in zabuyelite mineral and obtained from this. Lithium is reacted with sulfuric acid to give lithium sulfate (Li2SO4). The resulting precipitate was separated from the solution and washed with sodium carbonate (Na3CO3). Thus, water-insoluble lithium carbonate (LiCO3) is obtained.

Usage areas

It is used as a raw material for building chemicals, glass, ceramics and enamel industries.

Small amounts of lithium carbonate are used as additives to reduce the melting point of silica, especially glass that will enter the furnace.

Lion Batteries are used in combination with lithium cobalt oxide.

Lithium carbonate is used in the treatment of phase mania with bipolar disorder.

Lithium carbonate is used in the formation of deep red color in this sector.

It is used as an additive in ceramic tile and ceramic adhesives as an accelerator in cement. It has also been used in lithium carbonate carbon dioxide sensors.

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