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CAS number: 108-78-1
PubChem: 7955
ChemSpider: 7667
Molecular formula: C3H6N6
Molar Weight: 126.12 g / mol
Appearance: White solid
Melting point: 345 0C
Solubility: 3.240 g / L (20 0C water)
Density: 1574 kg / m3
Other names: 1-3-5 Triazine, 2-4-6 Triamine, Cyanuric triamide

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General Information

The chemical formula of C3H6N6 is a melanin trimmetric cyanamide and is synthesized in 1834 by the German chemist Liebig. It is a non-toxic chemical at low doses. In infants, the dose was determined as 0.5 mg / kg body.

Production and Reactions

They can be prepared by heating the diacyanamide. When they are prepared with formaldehyde, they obtain a valuable resin form. CA and ammonia can be obtained under pressure at 350 0C. Melamine can be produced by heating the urea under pressure.

Usage areas

It gives a very hard structure to plastic by its interaction with formaldehyde.

It is used as a non-protein nitrogen source in melamine animal feed containing up to 66% nitrogen, and its use is prohibited in 1978.

It is used to increase the fertility in the soil by using the amount of nitrogen it contains as in the feed industry.

Manufacture of household appliances, kitchen utensils, fire retardants, kitchen countertops, adhesives and many other sectors.

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