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CAS number: 75-09-2
PubChem: 6344
ChemSpider: 6104
EC number: 200-838-9
KEGG: D02330
Chebi: 15767
RTECS number: PA8050000
Molecular formula: CH2Cl2
Molar mass: 84.93 g / mol
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Density: 1.33 g / cm3, liquid
Melting point: -96.7 ° C, 176 K, -142 ° C
Boiling point: 39.6 ° C, 313 K, 103 ° F
Solubility in water: 13 g / L at 20 ° C
Vapor pressure: 47 kPa at 20 ° C
Other names: Methylene dichloride, Dichloro methane

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General Information

This chemical, which has a chemical formula of CH2Cl2, is called Dichloromethane. It has a volatile structure and creates toxic concentrates at room temperature. It is poorly soluble in water and mixes with most organic solvents. It is stated to be carcinogenic and is banned in most European countries. It has a widespread use in our country and is stable under normal conditions.

Production and Reactions

Methylene chloride; It is produced commercially by direct chlorination of methane and methyl chloride. Activated carbon can be obtained by adsorbing methylene chloride at a certain temperature and environment.

Usage areas

It is used as paint remover in this industry. It is an important solvent in paint and varnish peelers and degreasing agents.

It is used in the recovery of solvents in the chemical industry, solvent extractions, cellulose acetate and as a solvent.

It is used in the food industry to decaf coffee and tea.

It is used as a cleaning agent in bottle washing in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is used as foam blower in foams used in this sector.

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