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CAS number: 141-43-5
PubChem: 700
ChemSpider: 13835336
Use UNII: 5KV86114PT
EC number: 205-483-3
DrugBank: DB03994
KEGG: D05074
Cheb: 16000
RTECS number: KJ5775000
R-phrases: R20, R34, R36 / 37/38
S-phrases: S26, S27, S36 / 37, S39, S45
Flash point: 85 ° C (closed container)
Auto-ignition temperature: 410 ° C
Explosive limits: 5.5 - 17%
Molecular formula: C2H7NO
Molar mass: 61.08 g mol-1
Viscous liquid with colorless smell of ammonia
Density: g / cm3 1012
Melting point: 10.3 ° C, 283 K, 51 ° F
Boiling point: 170 ° C, 443 K, 338 ° F
Solubility in water: miscible
Vapor pressure: 64 Pa (20 ° C)
Acidity (pKa): 9.50
Refractive index (nD): 1.4539 (20 ° C)
Other names: 2-Amino ethanol, 2-Hydroxy ethyl amine, Olamine

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General Information

This hygroscopic chemical with a chemical formula (CH2) 2OHNH2 is an ammonia-like characteristic odorous corrosive substance. Phosphatidyl in the cell membranes is a small hydrophilic molecule in the structure of ethanolamine. Reacts violently with strong acids and strong oxidants.It produces toxic and corrosive gases (including nitrogen oxides) as decomposed.

Production and Reactions

An organic compound derived from the reaction of one or more hydrogen atoms in ammonia with ethanol. Ethanolamines are commercially available from ethylene oxide and ammonia. In natural gas purification processes, ethanolamines form water-soluble salts; hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide or other acid gases. Ethanolamine and Neutral Soap are produced from fatty acids.

Usage areas

In detergent industry; used in vehicle cleaning, shampoo, degreasing agents are used as neutralizing agents and corrosion inhibitors.

It is used as an adhesive in formulation in pharmaceutical products.

It is used in intermediate product synthesis and ph control in reactions in chemical industry.

It is used to prevent corrosion and increase the ph value in nuclear power plants and steam boilers.

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