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CAS number: 112-80-1
Molecular formula: C17H33COOH
Molar mass: 282,46 g mol-1
Density: 0.895 g / mL
Melting point: 13-14 [deg.] C., 286-287 K, 55-57 [deg.] C
Boiling point: 360 ° C, 633 K, 680 ° F

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General Information

The chemical formula of C17H33COOH, oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid with 18 carbon atoms from the omega 9 series, which is abundant in the structure of the cell membranes, which is easily soluble in water. It can be found. Soluble in most ethanol, ether and organic solvents. It has been found that monocyte fatty acid oleic acid decreases the risk of high blood pressure, decreases bad cholesterol, prevents cholesterol, has protective effect against cardiovascular diseases, decreases insulin need of diabetic patients, and most importantly, protects against cancer from today's terrible diseases.

Production and Reactions

Oleic acid is obtained from the hydrolysis of fats. As the catalyst in the hydrolysis, zinc or aromatic sulfonic acid is used. The oleic acid separated as the free acid is removed by cooling and pressing. The fraction is then distilled off under reduced pressure to remove the acid and yield. The treatment of oleic acid with trace amounts of HNO2 produces solid elaidic acid. Oleic acid can form triolein ester by reaction with glycerin.

Usage areas

In this sector, there is a significant amount of olive oil and 71-91% oleic acid.

It is used as raw material in soap production.


It is used in textile and leather auxiliaries, detergent production, ink production, amine, lubricating agent, ceramic and paper industry.

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