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CAS number: 7632-00-0
PubChem: 24269
ChemSpider: 22689
EC Number: 231-555-9
UN number: 1500
RTECS number: RA1225000
ATC code: V03AB08
Molecular formula: NaNO2
Molar mass: 68,9953 g / mol
Appearance: white or slightly yellowish solid
Density: 2.168 g / cm3
Melting point: 271 ° C, 544 K, 520 ° F (dec.)
Solubility in water: 84.8 g / 100 ml (25 ° C)
Solubility: (4.4 g / 100 mL) soluble in methanol ethanol
Very low soluble in diethyl ether (0.3 g / 100 mL) Very soluble in ammonia
Acidity (pKa): ~ 9
Refractive index (nD): 1.65
Structure: Crystal structure
R-phrases: R8, R25, R50
S-phrases: (S1 / 2), S45, S61
Auto-ignition temperature: 489 ° C
LD50: 180 mg / kg (rat, oral)

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General Information

Its chemical formula is NaNO2. It is a white, slightly yellowish fine crystalline, hygroscopic chemical with high water solubility. It is sodium salt of nitric acid, it is used as a preservative additive in foods. Many studies have been done by the researchers on the carcinogenic effect and no clear opinion has yet been reached. In addition, studies have shown that sodium nitrite in the human body carries out the formation of new vessels and studies on this subject are continuing.

Production and Reactions

Sodium hydroxide can be obtained by treatment with nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide.

2 NaOH + NO2 + NO? 2 NaNO2 + H2O
Sodium nitrite can be reduced to enter the reaction to destroy excess sodium products.
2 NaN 3 + 2 NaNO 2 + 2 H +? 3 N2 + 2 NO + 2 Na + 2 H2O
Sodium nitrite can be converted to nitric acid by reacting with gastric acid.

Usage areas

It is used as an antidote to treat cyanide poisoning.

In the food sector, this substance with the E 250 number is used as a preservative. It also combines with the myoglobin in the meat to produce and maintain the bright pink-red color of the processed meat.

It is used to prevent the growth of clostridium botulinum bacteria, which is very dangerous for human health.

It is used in laboratories to remove excess sodium products.

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