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CAS number: 58-08-2
ATC code: N06BC01
PubChem: CID 2519
DrugBank: DB00201
ChemSpider: 2424
UNII: 3G6A5W338E
KEGG: D00528
Chebi: 27732
Formula: C8H10N4O2
Mole. mass: 194.19 g / mol
AHFS / Drugs.com: monograph
Pregnancy cat. : C (US)
Unedited (AU) GSL (UK) OTC (USA)
Dependency obligation: Moderate
Routes: Oral, insufflation, enema
Bioavailability: 99%
Protein binding: 17% 36%
Demethylation by CYP1A2
Half-life: 5-6 hours
Elimination: Urine (100%)
Other names: 3,7-dihydro-1,3,7-trimethyl-1H-purine

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General Information

Chemical formula C8H10N4O2, whose chemical name is 1,3,7-trimethyl methylxanthine; A purine alkaloid that inhibits phosphodiesterase activity. Guaranine and also known as matein. An alkaloid caffeine is naturally found in coffee, tea, yerba mate, guarana and a small amount of cocoa. It is found in many beverages consumed in the daily life. The half-life in the human body is 6 hours. It was first discovered in 1819 by the German chemist Friedich Ferdinand Runge.

Production and Reactions
Caffeine can be obtained by extraction from coffee. When the green coffee beans are kept in hot water, the caffeine in the water mixes with the water. When the water is passed through the carbon filters, the caffeine remains in the filters, and the remaining water is dried over the kernels and the coffee that gives the taste and odor of the coffee is returned to the coffee beans again. Chemically, caffeine, green nuclei is wetted with steam or water and is activated with methylene chloride.Kafein adheres to the other chemical in this mixture.In the second process the kernels are rinsed. Tea waste, lime and water can be obtained by mixing caffeine in a non-toxic solvent by mixing the plant tissues at high temperature by mixing in constant proportions.

Usage areas

It is used effectively in the medical sector in cardiovascular diseases and nervous system diseases.

In the human body, ünde adensin arak forensic hormone is ineffective and provides the vitality of the nerve cavities accumulated acetylcholine and adenosine breakdown of nerve transmission by providing breakthrough in the medical sector is finding use.

It is used as an additive to chocolate products in this sector. It is also used as a component in tea, coffee and acidic beverages consumed daily.

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