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CAS number: 12-61-0
EINECS number .: 231-764-5
HS number: 31054000
Molecular formula: (NH4) H2PO4
Humidity: 0.03%
Ph (1% - 3% in pure water): 4,0
Solubility (g / L in water of 20'c): 365
Color: White crystalline powder
Total nitrogen: 12.0%
Ammonia nitrogen: 12.0%
Phosphoric acid: 61,4%

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General Information

Chemical formula (NH4) H2PO4 MAP (12-61-0) is a water-soluble fertilizer. Phosphoric acid is called mono ammonium salt. It is the type of fertilizer which contains the highest percentage of phosphate among the fertilizers in terms of source of phosphates. It is suitable for use with others. Nitrogen is nitrogen ammonia. Therefore, it should be controlled in the application of the plants. Since chlorine, sodium and heavy metals do not contain any substances that can damage the plants, they can be used safely in all products.

Production and Reactions

NH3 (liquid) H3PO4 NH4H2PO4 A
(mono ammonium phosphate MAP)
NH3 (liquid) NH4H2PO4 (NH4) 2HPO4 B
(di ammonium phosphate DAP)

Usage areas

The most widely used area is in this sector. It is used to meet the phosphate needs of plants. Also the compatibility with other substances increases the diversity of use within this sector.

Fire Protection
It is used in dry type fire extinguishers.

It is used in biological purity of waste water used in different sectors.

It is used in the production of sodium bicarbonate baking powder in the food industry.

It is used as fireproofing agent.

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