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CAS number: 110-91-8
EINECS number: 203-815-1
Purity: 99%
Appearance: Transparent liquid
Molecular formula: 2NH. O (CH2CH2)
Humidity: 0.5% max
Boiling range (5- 95%) 0C: 126-129 0C
Boiling point: 128.3 ºC
Freezing point: - 4.9 0C
Viscosity (20 0C): 2.3 Cp
Lower explosion limit% (V / V): 1.8
Heat capacity (Cp): 173,89 J / (mol · K)
Other names: Dieilamide oxide,

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General Information

Its chemical formula is O (CH2CH2) 2NH, the morpholine is hygroscopic, weakly basic, slightly mild, with mild characteristic amine-scented volatile liquid. It decomposes by heating with toxic oxides of nitrogen and causes severe reactions with a strong oxidation resulting in fire hazard and attacks copper and copper compounds. The solubility in alkaline solutions is limited.

Production and Reactions

It can be prepared by hydrogenating the diethylene glycol with hydrogenation. Diethanolamine can be prepared by heating excess bis (chloroethyl) ether with ammonia by dehydrogenation of a strong acid

Usage areas


Corrosion inhibitors are also used as intermediate in steam boiler water treatment systems and in aqueous hydraulic fluids to protect metals from acid vapors by corrosion and dulling (thickening).

For use in detergents, as an additive in optical brighteners that are stable to chlorine bleaching.

It is also used as an intermediate in quaternary morpholinium salts for hair conditioners and deodorant products for water-based emulsifiers and plasticizer formulations in cosmetic products.

They are used as intermediates in the production of medicines (analgesics, local anesthetics, antibiotics, antimycotics and antiplaque).

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