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CAS number: 63231-67-4,
Molecular formula: SiO2
Molar mass: 60.08 g / mol
Appearance: Transparent beads
Odor: Odorless
EC number: 231-545-4
Hazard Definition: Xn Harmful
Melting point / Melting range: 1610-1728 ° C (2930-3142 ° F)
Boiling point / Boiling range: 2230 ° C (4046 ° F)
Density 20 ° C (68 ° F): 2.17-2.66 g / cm ³
Solubility in water: Insoluble

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General Information
Sodium silicate, chemical formula SiO2, dry environment demand with high efficiency at the micro-pores and the network system absorbing substances in the absorption. High capacity synthetic absorbant. It was discovered by Walter A. Patrick in 1900s. It can react in case of contact with air during storage. In daily life, it is a small package item that comes out of the newly received shoe box.

Molecular Structure

O Si O

Production and Reactions

The ammonium tetracene can be obtained by washing the cobalt and acidifying it and by appropriately interacting with COCl2.

Usage areas

It is used in industrial air drying systems by taking advantage of absorption feature.

Its most important feature is its use as a moisture retainer and it is preferred in many sectors.

It is common to use undesirable gases.


It is also used for the protection of foodstuffs.
It is used to protect electronic materials and their contents.

It is used as humidity holder in desiccators in laboratories.

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