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Standard Data
CAS number: 10361-37-2
ChemSpider: 23540
EC number: 233-788-1
Molecular formula: BaCl2
Molar weight: 208.23 g / mol
Appearance: White solid
Melting point: 962 ° C
Boiling point: 1560 ° C
Resolution: 31.2 g / 100 mL (0 ° C) - 35.8 g / 100 mL (20 ° C) - 59.4 g / 100 mL (100 ° C)
Other names: Barium chloride

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General Information

Its chemical formula is BaCl2, a substance with a molar mass of 244.3g, which contains 2 mole of water (BaCl2.2H2O) in crystalline form, which is effective as a water-soluble, sulfuric acid and is used as a veterinary drug. Barium is a cheap raw material.

Production and Reactions

BaCl2 in aqueous solution is in salt form. Barium reacts with sulfate ion to form Barium Sulphate.

Ba2 (aq) SO4 (aq)? BaSO4 (s)

Ba2 (aq) C2O4? BaC2O4 (s)

When mixed with sodium hydroxide, it yields a moderately soluble dihydroxy in water. The resulting barium sulfate is activated with carbon to obtain the BAS compound. During this process, carbon monoxide (CO) gas is released.

BaSO4 (aq) 4 C (S)? BAS (s) 4. CO (g)

The resulting BAS reacts with calcium chloride at high temperature to form Barium Chloride.

BaS CaCl2? BaCl2 CaS

Usage areas


In laboratories, it is often used for the testing of sulfate ion.Barium chlorite is mostly used in caustic chlorine plants, brine solutions and purification processes. It is used for the purification of saline solutions in cichlid chlorine plants.


BaCl2 is used to give bright green color in fireworks.


It is used as white pigment and filler with sodium sulphate in leather, rubber, fabric and photo paper production as well as in radiating baths.

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